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Our Inductees

Our Inductees

Duane V. Edelman

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Francis W Einarson Plaque

Francis W. Einarson

Bought International Falls Airport, lobbying for improvement. Flew humanitarian missions in the wilderness. Aided U of M cosmic ray research program.
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Curtis O Erickson Plaque

Curtis O. Erickson

Navigator instructor for the Navy. Purchased Link Trainer and opened Instrument Flight Training, Inc. Served on boards of MATA, MBPA, NBAA and NATA.
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Edward L Erickson Plaque

Edward I. Erickson

Helped develop Waconia's airstrip. Flew airshows in a Pitts. Pilot at Republic and Chief Pilot for AmJet. FAA Wright Brothers Master Pilot's Award.
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Roland J Ron Fagen Plaque

Roland J. "Ron" Fagen

Won aerobatic contests in a Pitts. Designs ethanol processing and wind farms. Opened America's Greatest Generation Museum in Granite Falls.
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Lt Col Bohn E Fawkes Plaque

Lt. Col. Bohn E. Fawkes

Joined Army Air Corps. Flew 25 bombing missions in a B-17. Ditched in the English Channel. B-29 instructor. Spotlighted in Fall of Fortresses book.
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Ethel Meyer Finley Plaque

Ethel Meyer Finley

Trained with CPT. Became a military flight instructor. Transported warplanes with Ferry Command. WASP who lobbied for veterans and supported women.
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Capt Richard E Fleming Plaque

Captain Richard E. Fleming

Led bombing on Japanese cruiser, his aircraft was hit and his plane and bomb exploded against the ship. South St Paul Airport is named after him.
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Danny Fowlie Plaque

Danny Fowlie

Barnstormed as a parachutist. Aerobatic pilot with Flying Aces Air Circus. Comedy and stunt pilot. Did some of the early sky-writing over city.
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Leon Frankel Plaque

Leon Frankel

Part of first Navy rain on Tokyo. Awarded Distinguished Flying Cross and Navy Cross. Sank the Yahagi. Flew Me-109 for the Israeli Air Force.
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Mal B Freedburg Plaque

Mal B. Freeburg

Established Freeburg Flying Service. Awarded Civilian Air Mail Medal of Honor by Roosevelt. Saved a train from a burning bridge.
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Major General Wayne C Gatlin Plaque

Major General Wayne C. Gatlin

Flew 55 combat missions for 360th Fighter Group. Chief of Staff for Minnesota Air National Guard. Published photographer of Guard aircraft.
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Francis J Geng Plaque

Francis J. Geng

Mechanist. Manager at St. Paul Airport, lobbied to expand the airport to allow airlines. Helped secure base for MN Air Guard, MN Mining.
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Robert R Gilruth Plaque

Robert R. Gilruth

Master's in Aeronautical Engineering. Worked for Naca. Director of what is now NASA's Johnson Spaceflight Center. Oversaw 25 manned space flights.
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Raymond G Glumack Plaque

Raymond G. Glumack

Flew as a SOC seaplane pilot for the Naval Reserve. Negotiated sale of Peavey to Northern Pacific Railroad. Executive Director and chairman of MAC.
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Brig Gen Leo C Goodrich Plaque

Brig. Gen'l Leo C. Goodrich

B-25 pilot in the Air Force. Assistant Adjutant General in the MN Air Guard. Personal pilot for 6 Minnesota Governors. Procured C-130s for the Guard.
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Richard Virgil Grace Plaque

Richard Virgil Grace

Wounded in combat. Stunt pilot in Hollywood. Started a union, Black Cats. Test flew P-39s and P-51s. Served in WWI and WWII earing many awards.
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Lt Ralph Gracie Plaque

LT. Ralph Gracie

Flew Sopwith Camels with the British 4th Pursuit Group. Had 2 aerial victories, was shot down into the English Channel and was buried in Belgium.
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