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Nomination package for candidate to Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame should include:

  • Letter from yourself stating your wish to nominate (name)
  • Candidate’s full name with middle initials
  • Candidate’s date of birth and date of death if deceased
  • Candidate’s place of birth (City, State)
  • Candidate’s known living address
  • Candidate’s nearest living next of kin (Name, address, phone)


Be as detailed as possible. Remember that in the case of candidates not generally familiar to the Selection Panel members, presenting a good case is important. Include documentation where available with dates of military service, units served with, dates of airline employ, dates of businesses owned, etc. If possible, include copies of clippings, logbook entries, citations and awards granted to the individual.


This is very essential should the candidate become elected. Many things such as news releases, award plaques, slide presentations, and brochures are generated around the candidates in different formats. If possible, provide additional photos of the person at their work, with their airplane, or involved in their aviation activity. Photos must be original photos, not newspaper photos, or printer copies. We will accept digital files if sent as hi-res jpegs (at least 300 dpi). They can be forwarded by thumb drive, CD or e-mailed to the address below. You can also send original photos and we will scan and return them. (Please let us know if you wish them back).

Note: Candidate nomination package is not completed unless photos are included.


Letters of Support from other parties to affirm your nomination. People with much community support and backing are always favored over those with little support. Make your candidate a strong one! Note also that if you solicit letters of support, be sure to have the supporter’s mailing address attached. If the candidate is inducted, we need to let them know. And for the same reason, no petitions, unless each name is accompanied by an address.

We would like to receive the actual letters that you may have solicited. Please keep a copy and mail us the originals. They become part of the permanent record.

Selection is based on the following criteria:

  1. Did the candidate make a significant aviation contribution to Minnesota?
  2. Was the candidate merely doing his job or did he go beyond his paid duties?
  3. What area of the State does the candidate represent?
  4. Was the candidate a Minnesota native who shed good light on Minnesota though not having spent his/her career in Minnesota…or was the candidate from another State, but spent his career in Minnesota?
  5. What makes the candidate unique from his/her contemporaries?
  6. What aspect of aviation does the candidate represent? (ie: FBO, military, airline, general aviation, pioneer, ag sector, governmental, education, building or restoration, air racing, modeling)

The Selection Panel meets yearly in June. All nominations must be submitted by November 30th of the year preceding the June meeting to be considered for the next year. After that time, the candidate will be considered the following year. Let us know up front if we can keep the pictures and documents that you send. Please do not phone-in or e-mail nominations. Put your thoughts down in writing and mail to the address listed on the PDF questionnaire. Please note: we do not accept self-nominations.

Please download the PDF questionnaire, fill it out and mail it along with the rest of the nomination package to the address below.

Mail to: Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame, 1466 St. Peter Ave., E., #309. Delano, MN 55328


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