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Our Inductees

Our Inductees
Albert James Grazzini Plaque

Albert James Grazzini

Founded Thunderbird Aviation, Academy of Aviation and owned a Piper dealership. Lobbied for legislation relating to tax on aircraft sales.
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Alexander T Heine Plaque

Alexander T. Heine

Build an aircraft modeling it after Curtiss Pusher Aircraft. Designed and built eight airplanes and flew around Minneapolis Courthouse.
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Alvin Grady Plaque

Alvin D. Grady

Senior Master Sergeant in the Air National Guard. Director of Finance for Duluth Airport. Instrumental for Bong Museum. Very active in MAHOF.
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Anders J Christenson Plaque

Anders J. Christenson

Five battle Stars in Korea. Chief Flight Instructor at Thunderbird. Gave over 7,000 checkrides as a DPE. Created Edina High School aviation program.
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Andrew C Neuman Plaque

Andrew C. Neuman

Army Air Corps flight instructor in Texas. Flew for Mid-Continent and Gopher Aviation. Opened Neuman Air Charter, flew many humanitarian flights.
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Angelo Shorty De Ponti Plaque

Angelo "Shorty" De Ponti

Aviation entrepreneur who owned or leased almost all original buildings at MSP. Built Wace CG-4A gliders. Provided major fueling facilities at MSP.
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Anthony A Bour Plaque

Anthony A. Bour

Crew chief on Air Guard aircraft. Maintenance officer with the Seventh Bomb Group. Shop instructor and taught at a school for juvenile delinquents.
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Arthur C Tomes Plaque

Arthur C. Tomes

Flew 35 B-29 bombing missions against Japan. His aircraft lost an engine when hit by a bomb and he made it back to base. Opened Northeast Airways.
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Arthur G. Donahue  

Youngest Minnesota pilot to earn his ATP. Joined the RAF and saw combat in the Battle of Britain. His spitfire was hit and he bailed out.
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Arthur G Hoffman Plaque

Arthur G. Hoffman

Army Air Corps flight instructor. Helped start Gopher Aviation at Tochester which grew to be one of the largest and most respected FBOs.
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Arthur W Hinke Plaque

Arthur W. Hinke

Helped develop the first ILS and GCA systems. Chief Pilot and Manager of Flight Operations at North Central. Started a Bolivian Air Carrier.
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Arthur W Koskovich Plaque

Arthur W. Koskovich

Earned his CFI despite having polio since he was very young. Helped create Blue Earth and McGregor. Taught via the Civil Air Patrol and GI Bill.
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Arthur Wright Noteboom Plaque

Arthur Wright Noteboom

Engine specialist. Flying Sergeant through the Army Air Force, ferrying planes globally. Successful Cessna salesman setting sale records.
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Austin J Jim Bailey JR Plaque

Austin J. "Jim" Bailey

Marine Corsair fighter pilot for the Navy. Test pilot for Honeywell. Worked on control system for the SR-71 and X-20 Orbital Space Vehicle.
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Barbara J. Wiley Lindquist

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Bernard Bud Sweet Plaque

Bernard "Bud" Sweet

Began at Wisconsin Central Airlines as a general accountant and worked his way up to CEO. Helped forge mergers to make it Republic Airlines.
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Bernard A Ben Wiplinger Plaque

Bernard A. "Ben" Wiplinger

Built a Pietenpol airplane at 17. Air Corps mechanic during WWII. Developed a hydraulic system for amphibious aircraft floats.
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