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Our Inductees

Our Inductees
Bernard H Pietenpol Plaque

Bernard H. Pietenpol

Built an airplane using a Model T engine. Sold his homebuild plans and helped spark interest in the building of the Air Camper.
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Bertram F Ritchie Plaque

Bertram F. Ritchie

Flew all the early Northwest Airliners. Drew detailed drawings of radio ranges in Pacific Northwest before published charts. Tested B-24 bombers.
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Boris Popov Plaque

Boris Popov

Invented and marketed a parachute recovery system. Founded Northern Sun, Inc and Ballistic Recovery Systems. His system has saved over 259 lives.
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Brian D Addis Plaque

Brian D. Addis

Owner of Wings, Inc. flight school. Trainer at Northwest, Wipaire and for the FAA. More than 14,000 check rides as a DPE. Master Pilot Award
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Brian G Utley Plaque

Brian G. Utley

Appointed to Soaring Society Board of Directors. Created a soaring record of 435 miles. President of Soaring Society of America.
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Brigadier Gen George L Schulstad Plaque

Brig. Gen. George L. Schulstad

Flew over 6000 hours with the Air Force. Flew F-8s as an exchange pilot for the Navy. Organized and commanded the 560th Tactical Fighter Sqdn.
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Brig Gen Leo C Goodrich Plaque

Brig. Gen'l Leo C. Goodrich

B-25 pilot in the Air Force. Assistant Adjutant General in the MN Air Guard. Personal pilot for 6 Minnesota Governors. Procured C-130s for the Guard.
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Brig General Raymond T Klosowski Plaque

Brig. General Raymond T. Klosowski

Fighter pilot promoted to Brigadier General and Commander. Executive director of Duluth Airport Authority. Helped keep the Air Guard Base open.
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Brigadier General Clayton M Isaacson Plaque

Brigadier General Clayton M. Isaacson

Flew 50 B-24 missions, 82 P-38 missions and 123 combat missions. Commanded a paratroop force that rescued 2400 hostages in Republic of Congo.
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Martinus Stenseth Plaque

Brigadier General Martinus Stenseth

One of Minnesota's four WWI aces scoring six aerial victories. Became Brigadier General commanding forces nationally and internationally.
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Brigadier General Wyman Fiske Marshall Plaque

Brigadier General Wyman Fiske Marshall

Three Musketeers air show. Wrote regulations in DC promoting aviation safety. Flew original Hell Divers. Northwest's vice president of operations.
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Bruce D Jaeger Plaque

Bruce D. Jaeger

Bought Willmar Air Service. Started Leak No More company to clean fuel tanks to prevent leaking. Began Spatial Interiors to refurbish Mooneys.
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Bruce R Hanson Plaque

Bruce R. Hanson

Bought Surfside Seaplane Base. Hosts annual MN Seaplane Pilots Association picnic. Aerial ambassador of seaplanes.
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Bryan G Moon Plaque

Bryan G. Moon 

PR director for Aloha Airlines. Vice president of advertising for Northwest Airlines. Member of American Society of Aviation Artists.
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Camille Rosie Stein Plaque

Camille "Rosie" Stein

Kept things running smoothly at Northwest Airways serving as both assistant secretary and director, one of the first such executives at a major.
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Capt Richard E Fleming Plaque

Captain Richard E. Fleming

Led bombing on Japanese cruiser, his aircraft was hit and his plane and bomb exploded against the ship. South St Paul Airport is named after him.
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Chadwick B Smith Charles L Les Smith Robert L Lee Smith Plaque

Chadwick B. Smith

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Charles A Lindbergh Plaque

Charles A. Lindbergh

Wing-walker, parachute jumper, airmail pilot and barnstormer. Flew first nonstop transatlantic flight. Pulitzer for book about Spirit of St Louis.
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