Our Inductees
  • Rudolf G. Billberg

    Instructor at Civil Pilot Training Program. One of Minnesota's first DPEs. flew for Wein Airways Northwest and Northern Consolidated Airlines.
    Rudolf G Billberg Plaque
  • Darrell E. Bolduc

    A&P and jet engine technician for Marine Air Reserve. Crewed Unlimited racers at Reno. Owned Buldoc engine shop. Gave seminars on engine maintenance.
    Darrell E Boldoc Plaque
  • Wilmer Bolduc

    Mechanic for WTS, and McInnis Flight Service. Army Air Corps mechanic. started Bolduc Aviation Services. Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award.
    Wilmer E Bolduc Plaque
  • Dr. George Bolon

    Captain with North American Air Defense Command. Developed Winona State College aviation program. Chief Pilot of Win Air. Expert witness.
    Dr George Bolon Plaque
  • Sherman P. Booen

    Honeywell autopilot system trainer. Created World of Aviation radio program. ATC in Korea for Marine Corps Reserves. Founded Minnesota Flyer Magazine.
    Sherman P Booen Plaque
  • Anthony A. Bour

    Crew chief on Air Guard aircraft. Maintenance officer with the Seventh Bomb Group. Shop instructor and taught at a school for juvenile delinquents.
    Anthony A Bour Plaque
  • Winthrop “Lee” Bradshaw

    Crashed during an airshow and was told he would never walk. Flew gliders and proved ability to regain his medical. Gained every category and class.
    Winthrop Lee Bradshaw Plaque
  • Otho A. Brandt

    His Lexington Flying Service taught students to fly at CPT and WTS. Began Brandt Aero Service flight school. Test pilot for Champion Aircraft.
    Otho A Brandt Plaque
  • Orville H. Brede

    Purple Heart in Philippines. CFI, examiner, charter and corporate pilot. Owned FBO, Brede Aviation Company. Charles Taylor Master Mechanic award.
    Orville H Brede Plaque
  • Col. Lewis H. Brittin

    St. Paul Assn. of Commerce official raised money to incorporate Northwest Airways and became its first General Manager.
    Lewis Hotchkiss Brittin Plaque
  • James H. Brodie

    WWII Army Captain. Designed Brodie System on ships allowing aircraft to spot German submarines. Legion of Merit award. Founded engineering company.
    James H Brodie Plaque
  • Dr. Harold H. Brown

    Member of WWII Tuskegee Airmen; flew combat missions from Italy to protect US bombers. Flew with SAC; retired to become a college educator.
  • Ray Brown

    Fueled the Spirit of St. Louis. Mechanic and flight school owner. Enforced state aviation statutes for Minnesota Department of Aeronautics.
    Ray Brown Plaque
  • Walter Bullock

    Barnstormed and rebuilt airplanes. Flew for Northwest Ice Research Program, Whiz-bang publisher, and Northwest Airways. Competed in Bendix Air Race.
    Walter R Bullock Plaque
  • Ken Butler

    Agronomist and President of the National Flying Farmers, helped organize one in Canada. Promoted Canadian border airstrips. Helped open KHCD.
    Kenneth Butler Plaque
  • Timothy C. Callister

    Vietnam helicopter pilot, joined Metropolitan Airports Commission and became Manager of Reliever Airports; co-founder of Minnesota Council of Airports.
    Timothy Callister - Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame Inductee Plaque
  • Hal Carr

    Worked for TWA helping establish the international route system. President of Wisconsin Central Airlines. CEO of North Central Airlines and Republic.
    Hal N Carr Plaque
  • Robert J. Ceronsky

    B-29 command pilot during WWII, participating in one of the longest combat missions of the war. Senior pilot for North Central and then Republic.
    Robert J Ceronsky Plaque