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Our Inductees

Our Inductees
Charles Allen Stone Plaque

Charles Allen Stone

Flight instructor for the Army Air Corps. Worked at the Pentagon and USAF rep for NATO. Museum director. Developed for veterans.
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Chadwick B Smith Charles L Les Smith Robert L Lee Smith Plaque

Charles L. (Les) Smith

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Charles P Doyle Plaque

Charles P. "Chuck" Doyle

Flew A-36 for the Army Air Corps and became Commander. Aircraft struck by ground fire in Italy and had to bail out. Commander of Minnesota Air Guard.
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Charles W Speed Holman Plaque

Charles W. "Speed" Holman

Northwest Airways first pilot and became Operations Manager. National air race winner and nicknamed Speed. Lobbies cities to build airports.
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Chester W. (Bill) Hazelton

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Clarence M Hines Plaque

Clarence M. Hines

Earned Bronze Star and Purple Heart. Flew charters, crop dusting, instructed and was a tow pilot for a large glider association.
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Clarence W Hinck Plaque

Clarence W. Hinck

Started Federated Fliers Flying Circus. Opened a flight and glider school. First president of MN chapter of OX-5 Aviation Pioneers of America.
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Claude C Schmidt Plaque

Claude C. Schmidt

Ace Hellcat pilot in the Pacific for the Navy. FAA Air Carrier Inspector for International Operations. Director of operations for MAC.
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CMSgt Clayton C Pyle Plaque

CMSgt. Clayston C. Pyle

Maintenance supervisor in the Air Force becoming Chief Master Sergeant. Outspoken champion of veteran affairs on a national level and ROTC mentor.
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Col Craig W Duehring Plaque

Col. Craig W. Duehring

Forward air controller in Vietnam. 1525 combat hours in 843 missions. Received Silver Star Medal. Assistant Secretary of Air Force.
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Col John R Hed Plaque

Col. John R. Hed

Maintenance crew chief in Air Guard. Recruiter and trainer for 148th Fighter Wing. Established Richard Bong Chapter of Air Force Association.
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Col Leo K Thorsness Plaque

Col. Leo K. Thorsness      

Pilot tasked to destroy surface-to-air missile sites in Vietnam. Shot down and spent 6 years in captivity. Earned Congressional Medal of Honor.
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Colonel Kenneth O Wofford Plaque

Colonel Kenneth O. Wofford

Trained at Tuskegee Army Airfield. Worked for MN/DOT Aeronautics. Mentor in Boy Scouts, ROTC, and CAP. Air Force Association's education advocate.
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Lewis Hotchkiss Brittin Plaque

Colonel Lewis H. Brittin

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Congressman Joanes L Oberstar Plaque

Congressman James L. Oberstar

Leading expert on transportation issues. Chair for Subcommittee on Aviation. Chairman of House Committee on transportation and infrastructure.
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Croil Hunter Plaque

Croil Hunter

Traffic manager for Northwest Airways becoming president and general manager. Forged routes to make the airline an international carrier.
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Curtis O Erickson Plaque

Curtis O. Erickson

Navigator instructor for the Navy. Purchased Link Trainer and opened Instrument Flight Training, Inc. Served on boards of MATA, MBPA, NBAA and NATA.
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Dale Red Jackson Plaque

Dale "Red" Jackson

Set a barrel-rolling record of 417 rolls and aerial endurance record spending 647 hours aloft. Killed during a stunting session in Miami.
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