Our Inductees
  • Sgt. Pilot Cyrus Foss Chamberlain

    WWI Lafayette Flying Corps pilot, killed in combat. Minneapolis Airport was originally named in his honor. Now known as MSP International Airport.
    Ernest Groves Wold and Cyrus Foss Chamberlain Plaque
  • Harold C. Chandler

    Flew B-24 and C-54 during WWII for Air Corps Ferry Command. Flights school owner, crop duster, and opened a flight service in Alexandria.
    Harold C Chandler Plaque
  • Edward J. Chapman

    Marine, Air Force and Navy pilot. Flew F-4 Phantom II. F-4 instructor. 20 World Records in balloons. Montgolfier Diploma from FAI.
    Edward Chapman Plaque
  • Anders J. Christenson

    Five battle Stars in Korea. Chief Flight Instructor at Thunderbird. Gave over 7,000 checkrides as a DPE. Created Edina High School aviation program.
    Anders J Christenson Plaque
  • Julie E. Clark

    Instructed in T-34 for a Navy flying club. One of the first women to fly for a major airline, Hughes Airwest, later Northwest. Performs at airshows.
    Julie E Clark Plaque
  • Marty Coddington

    ATC for Air Force and FAA, Supervisor and Controller at MSP. Chairman of ATC Procedures Advisory Committee. Assistant Chief at Oshkosh.
    Charles M Coddington Plaque
  • Max Conrad

    "The Flying Grandfather" Opened a flight school and started an airline. Corporate pilot for Honeywell. Over 200 solo ocean crossings.
    Max Conrad Plaque
  • Logan L. Coombs

    Mechanic for Northwest. C-47 crew chief for the Army Air Force. His aircraft photography creates a solid chapter of Minnesota History.
    Logan L Coombs Plaque
  • Edwin H. Croft

    Barnstormed an OX-5 Travel Air and taught in CPT and WTS. Started Gopher Aviation at Rochester. Captain for Mid-Continent Airlines.
    Edwin H Croft Plaque
  • Ezra Benham “Ben” Curry

    WWI flyer. Northwest Airlines General Manager of WWII Vandalia, Ohio bomber modification center. Owned Island View Lodge at Gull Lake.
    Ezra Benham "Ben" Curry - Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame Inductee Plaque
  • Kenneth H. Dahlberg

    Taught Chinese pilots aerial gunnery for the Army. Shot down 3 times and became a prisoner of war once. Commander of MN Air National Guard.
    Kenneth H Dahlberg Plaque
  • Angelo “Shorty” De Ponti

    Aviation entrepreneur who owned or leased almost all original buildings at MSP. Built Wace CG-4A gliders. Provided major fueling facilities at MSP.
    Angelo Shorty De Ponti Plaque
  • Joseph F. Devorak, Sr

    Worked on DC-3s for Douglas. Flew P-51s for the Army Air Corps. Created West Central Airways. Officer for Flying Farmers and did aerial spraying.
    Joseph F Devorak Plaque
  • Larry A. Diffley

    Bought Bemidji Aviation, incorporated Bemidji Airlines and began scheduled flights. Flew for the DNR. Innovator in aerial fire control.
    Larry A Diffley Plaque
  • Maj. Gen. John R. Dolny

    WWII Air Corps pilot, joined MN Air Guard and became Commander of Minnesota Air Guard, transitioning group from fighters to air transport.
    Major General John R Dolny Plaque
  • Arthur G. Donahue  

    Joined WWII RAF Eagle Squadron, wrote books of his adventures. First American to die in the Battle of Britain. Earned the DFC for his service.
    Arthur G. Donahue plaque
  • Charles P. “Chuck” Doyle

    Early barnstormer, WWII Northwest Airlines ATC pilot retired as senior Captain, warbird rebuilder, did skywriting and banner towing.
    Charles P Doyle Plaque
  • Col. Craig W. Duehring

    Forward air controller in Vietnam. 1525 combat hours in 843 missions. Received Silver Star Medal. Assistant Secretary of Air Force.
    Col Craig W Duehring Plaque