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Our Inductees

Our Inductees
Rufus R Rand Plaque

Rufus R. Rand

Invested in Mohawk Aircraft. Executive Officer in charge of bomber base in England during WWII. One of the founders of Air Force Association.
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Ernest Groves Wold and Cyrus Foss Chamberlain Plaque

Sgt. Pilot Cyrus Foss Chamberlain

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Sherman P Booen Plaque

Sherman P. Booen

Honeywell autopilot system trainer. Created World of Aviation radio program. ATC in Korea for Marine Corps Reserves. Founded Minnesota Flyer Magazine.
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Stanley E Hubbard SR Plaque

Stanley E. Hubbard, Sr.

US Cavalry during WWI. Opened Bowman Field. Began Kentucky Aviation Flight Company one of the first passenger airlines. Formed Hubbard Broadcasting.
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Stanley Ketcham Plaque

Stanley Ketcham

Took a home study course in radio-operating. Control tower operator at KMSP when there was little direction or cooperation.
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Sven H Peterson Plaque

Sven H. Peterson

Staged airshows and gave many sight-seeing flights. District rep to the Minnesota Aeronautics Commission. Helped build St Cloud Northside Airport.
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Thomas P Schellinger Plaque

Thomas P. Schellinger

Air Force pilot. Vice President of pilot training for Northwest Aerospace Training Corp. Director of Instructor Standards for Northwest Airlines.
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Walter R Bullock Plaque

Walter Bullock

Barnstormed and rebuilt airplanes. Flew for Northwest Ice Research Program, Whiz-bang publisher, and Northwest Airways. Competed in Bendix Air Race.
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Wayne G Johnson Plaque

Wayne G. Johnson

Fighter pilot in WWII with 23rd Fighter Group in China. Served with North Dakota Air Guard. Driving force in airport development in Silver Bay.
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Weldon and Wilbur Larrabee Plaque

Wilber C. Larrabee

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William Bill Barber Plaque

William "Bill" Barber

One of the youngest pilots at North Central Airlines. Aerobatic pilot and instructor. Stunt and comedy flights. Captain of the US Aerobatic Team.
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William A Kidder Plaque

William A. Kidder

Opened Curtiss-Northwest Airport the first major FBO in MN, recieving first Aerial Transport license. Advised in the opening of Northwest Airways.
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William A. Mavencamp Sr.

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William Bushnell Stout Plaque

William Bushnell Stout

Aviation editor of the Chicago Tribune. Designed several airplanes including first all metal airplane for Navy and first commercial airliner.
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Wilmer E Bolduc Plaque

Wilmer Bolduc

Mechanic for WTS, and McInnis Flight Service. Army Air Corps mechanic. started Bolduc Aviation Services. Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award.
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Winthrop Lee Bradshaw Plaque

Winthrop “Lee” Bradshaw

Crashed during an airshow and was told he would never walk. Flew gliders and proved ability to regain his medical. Gained every category and class.
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