Our Inductees
  • Daniel F. Sowa

    Meteorology superintendent at Northwest Airlines helping them become a leader in gathering weather data. Helped develop Turbulence Plot Program.
    Daniel F Sowa Plaque
  • Camille “Rosie” Stein

    Kept things running smoothly at Northwest Airways serving as both assistant secretary and director, one of the first such executives at a major.
    Camille Rosie Stein Plaque
  • Robert N. Steinbrunn

    Flew Helicopters in Vietnam earning a Purple Heart and Air Medal. Worked for Imperial Airways doing powerline patrol and then a medivac pilot.
    Robert N Steinbrunn Plaque
  • Brig. Gen. Martinus Stenseth

    One of Minnesota's four WWI aces scoring six aerial victories. Became Brigadier General commanding forces nationally and internationally.
    Martinus Stenseth Plaque
  • Charles Allen Stone

    Flight instructor for the Army Air Corps. Worked at the Pentagon and USAF rep for NATO. Museum director. Developed RB-29.net for veterans.
    Charles Allen Stone Plaque
  • William Bushnell Stout

    Aviation editor of the Chicago Tribune. Designed several airplanes including first all metal airplane for Navy and first commercial airliner.
    William Bushnell Stout Plaque
  • Elizabeth Wall Strohfus

    Part of Women's Air Force Service Pilots during WWII. Military instructor and ferried warbirds. Ambassador of Minnesota women aviators.
    Elisabeth Wall Strohfus Plaque
  • Donald L. Stuber  

    WWII military canine handler. Created American Aviation FBO at Flying Cloud Field, with brother John, serviced General Aviation with parts and avionics.
    Donald L Stuber and John M Stuber Plaque
  • John M. Stuber

    WWII flight instructor, Became President of Peavey Airmotive after war. Worked with brother Don at American Aviation Co, FBO at Flying Cloud Field.
    Donald L Stuber and John M Stuber Plaque
  • Bernard “Bud” Sweet

    Began at Wisconsin Central Airlines as a general accountant and worked his way up to CEO. Helped forge mergers to make it Republic Airlines.
    Bernard Bud Sweet Plaque
  • Peter G. Tanis   

    Taught aviation mechanics. Invented the electric pre-heater for the engine which became the standard. Guru of cold weather flying.
    Peter G Tanis Plaque
  • Col. Leo K. Thorsness      

    Pilot tasked to destroy surface-to-air missile sites in Vietnam. Shot down and spent 6 years in captivity. Earned Congressional Medal of Honor.
    Col Leo K Thorsness Plaque
  • Otto W. Timm

    Designed 13 aircraft, patented first tricycle landing gear for transport aircraft, devised static test. Gave Lindbergh his first airplane ride.
    Otto W Timm Plaque
  • Arthur C. Tomes

    Flew 35 B-29 bombing missions against Japan. His aircraft lost an engine when hit by a bomb and he made it back to base. Opened Northeast Airways.
    Arthur C Tomes Plaque
  • Eugene A. Trowbridge

    Marine pilot flying F-4F Wildcat for VMF-223. Became an ace in three days. Survived a mid-air collision. Squadron commander in China.
    Eugene A Trowbridge Plaque
  • Gary Underland

    Talented engineer who worked with Buzz Kaplan. Built and restored many antique planes. Mentored many aviators on flying and building aircraft.
    Gary E Underland Plaque
  • Brian G. Utley

    Appointed to Soaring Society Board of Directors. Created a soaring record of 435 miles. President of Soaring Society of America.
    Brian G Utley Plaque
  • G. B. Van Dusen

    One of Minnesota's most successful businessmen. His aircraft part business had 24 offices around the world and became publicly held.
    G B Van Dusen Plaque