State Patrol

Posted On: April 8, 2024

You may know the Minnesota State Patrol from their patrol cars on the highway, however, they also have a fleet of aircraft at their disposal. The State Patrol Flight Section is responsible for state aerial law enforcement and is based in St. Paul and Brainerd. Nine state trooper pilots fly two Bell 407 helicopters, three Cessna 182 airplanes, and a Cirrus SR22 airplane.​​

According to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, “State Patrol pilots are required to have commercial FAA licensure for the aircraft that they fly as well as maintain a second-class airman’s medical certification. In addition to the aviation training, each State Patrol pilot is a fully licensed and trained State Patrol trooper.”

Minnesota lawmakers have authorized purchases of a new tactical helicopter and a single-engine airplane for the State Patrol. The budget contained $18.5 million for the purchase costs.

Just last December the Minnesota State Patrol auctioned off one of their Cessna 182s to make room for their new Bell 407 helicopter and Cirrus SR22 single-engine airplane. The 40-year-old Cessna had more than 12,000 flight hours on it at the time of the auction.

Flight Section of Minnesota State Patrol

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